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  • 3 things you may have missed at the UN climate talks
    on November 21, 2022

    After weeks of negotiations, the United Nations climate talks, known as COP27, wrapped up nearly two days past deadline — striking a last-minute, historic agreement on this session’s most anticipated issue: payments for climate change damages to developing countries.

  • What on Earth is ‘climate adaptation’?
    on November 10, 2022

    From “blue carbon” to “ecosystem services,” environmental jargon is everywhere these days. Conservation International looks to make sense of it in an occasional explainer series. In this installment, we explore “climate adaptation.”

  • News spotlight: UN report concludes climate adaptation is 'too little, too slow’
    on November 7, 2022

    Climate risks are growing, but global efforts to adapt to them are not keeping pace. That’s the big-picture takeaway from a new United Nations report, which underscores the funding needed by developing nations to reduce their exposure to climate disasters.

  • News spotlight: Report finds striking rise in methane emissions
    on October 31, 2022

    More methane is being pumped into the atmosphere than ever before, according to a new study from the World Meteorological Organization. The rapid acceleration is threatening to hamper efforts to curb climate change.

  • News spotlight: The Arctic is going green — and that’s not a good thing.
    on October 5, 2022

    In case you missed it: Spruce trees are creeping northward into the arctic tundra — a barren terrain where frigid temperatures have long prevented them from growing. The changing landscape could have huge implications for life on Earth, scientists say.




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